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Canterbury Christ Church University’s Musical Theatre Society performed their second showcase of the year with a matinee production in the Anselm studio.

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The front cover of the programme for  the performance ( Credit to CCCU Musical Theatre Society)

The performance included a variety of songs and dances from many famous musicals, such as Dream Girls, Book of Mormon and Chicago.

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The performance schedule for “A Bucket Full Musicals”(Credit to CCCU Musical Theatre Society)

Below is a snippet of CCCU’s Musical Theatre Society performing their first act, “Hello” from The Book of Mormon. 

The performance’s choreographers were Warrick Arnold-Archer and Ania Kapsza.

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Declan McCoy and dancers showcasing “All I Care About Is Love” – Chicago. (Publisher’s own image)
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A group choreography to “Shake Your Tail Feather” – Blues Brothers (Publisher’s own image)


After the last number we got to interview one of the cast members; Ben Clark. He told us: “I first got into Musical Theatre during the fresher’s fair in 2016, I found my love for it there and then and now I’m on the committee.”

We asked Ben what his dream job would be, his answer was: “Just to perform in general, it would make me feel like I’ve done something with my life.”

Ben also commented on the matinee performance of “A Bucket Full Of Musicals“:

“I’m proud of everyone for committing to the performance. I think everyone did amazing, we did stumble a little bit towards the beginning but we recovered well.”

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Cast members,  stage, lightening and audio crew. (Credit to CCCU Musical Theatre Society)


Bethany Thomas, first year English Language student, watched the performance and said to us: “I loved their covers of the songs from  Dream Girls, it’s my favourite musical.”

Dream Girls is headlining at the Savoy Theatre, London. The musical premiered on December 14, 2016 and stars former Glee cast member Amber Riley.

Credit: YouTube – Dream Girls, West End