YCanterbury Resident’s Facebook group has over 10,730 members that share what they love (and hate) about this city. We’ve pulled together nine images, taken in the past year, from the group’s members that we feel best show off our stunning city.


This image is a reflection of Canterbury Cathedral in a puddle. Novice photographer, Anna Levermore, who likes to take photographs from a different perspective, took the picture in March 2016.


This image was taken by Agnes Sanderson, along what she calls the ‘West Gate cycle path’. The photo was taken at around midday late October 2016. Sanderson likes to take pictures as a hobby whilst she’s out and about.


Taken by Maddy Goacher in Mercery Lane opposite Canterbury Cathedral, this image dates from early October 2016.


This image was also captured by Maddy Goacher in Westgate Gardens, late October 2016.


 On Christmas Day 2016, this image was taken by John Tyas in the cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral.  Photography has been a hobby for Tyas since he was at school. For this image he used professional kit but often uses his iPhone.


Martin Mayer, a retired professional news photographer, took this picture of the Westgate Gardens on the 23rd of January around 9:30am.  ” I can’t quite get out of the habit of taking pictures,” he commented.


 Taken by Melanie Gray, this image received well over 900 likes on Facebook.  It shows the fountain in the Dane John Garden’s at midday on the 23rd January 2017. Gray stated that photography is, “a hobby I’d like to get more into.”


This image was taken in the Old Butter Market on the 17th November 2016, around 4pm by Simon Finch. Check out more of Finch’s photographs on his Instagram page. 


This image was taken by keen amateur photographer, Victoria Jameson, of Hambrook Marshes between 3 and 4pm on the 5th December 2016.

Below is a map of where all of these images were taken:

If you’re interested in photography, this video from the SLR Lounge may help you take the best photographs:


Credit: Youtube – SLR Lounge