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A Canterbury Christ Church University student was wrongly accused of drug taking by accommodation officers at her uni.

 The Early Childhood studies student received an unexpected email on the 16th January at 11:16AM:

Email screenshots courtesy of Natasha Marett

Natasha Marett, 18, was said to have been discovered inhaling Nitrous Oxide by a security guard.

Confused, Natasha asked her flatmates whether they had also received the email; they hadn’t.

 Natasha said she was aware that there was another student with the same first name and very similar surname living next door to her: “We must have got mixed up somehow. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, let alone drugs!

“I read further in the email that I could be kicked out of uni and have a criminal prosecution, and I just thought…. well there goes my dream job.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 14.58.50.png

Email screenshots courtesy of Natasha Marett

Natasha sought to find the ‘wellbeing’ team at CCCU to explain that the event had nothing to do with her.

To Natasha’s dismay, a wellbeing member said: “Well it’s your student ID number we have here, so it must be you.”


Nitrous Oxide, ‘nos’ or laughing gas -whichever it is called, is illegal and is a new psychoactive substance.

The use of new psychoactive substances (NPS), according to the 2014/2015 Crime Survey for England and Wales, appears to be concentrated in young adults aged between 16-24; particularly young men.

We conducted a survey on twitter for the public’s opinion as to whether ‘nos’ is becoming a more popular way for students to get high.

The results were:


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