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Whether you live with friends, a partner or work colleagues – you will find these relatable!

Night Terrors

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Night 1: You’re lying there and even the curtains in the breeze will make you shit yourself.

Dollar dollar dollar

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 Whether you rent your first place or get a mortgage, you will always be short of cash.

Zzz Sleepy time Zzz

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No matter how much you try and get home quickly from work, cook dinner and do the washing up – you still won’t get to bed early. Shit happens, sorry.

Time to cancel that Asos order

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 There’s always unexpected bills – Oh hello £200 water bill, where did you come from?

What’s a fishbowl?

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 You start to feel like you might as well be 75, sat on your sofa in your PJ’s with a brew watching Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.

Just a quick look…

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You’ll start wandering into the ‘Home’ section of department stores, while your partner bashes their head against a wall out of despair.


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You will get a buzz from saving money on your weekly shop… ‘£30 for all that? Bargain!’

I don’t wanna do it 😦

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It doesn’t matter how long you put off the hoovering… it’s always gonna need doing.

Squeaky clean


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You suddenly start doing things your mother does,  i.e. separating colours when doing the washing. F**K I’VE GOTTA WEAR THAT TO WORK.

Living by yourself can be expensive, here’s a quick video with some handy tips:

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